Taking care of your own kind (a science fiction quiz)

It has been decided that one of the finer features of the human race is that humans do not only think of themselves. When it comes to survival and even happiness, this species usually takes quite good care of those they love, often makes sacrifices for others, and sometimes even risks their own lives for those they identify as being “one of their own kind.”

Recent world events have caused certain entities to ask the question “What exactly constitutes ‘your own kind’?”

You have been selected to take the following very short quiz. Please tend to this matter soon. Quite a bit may depend on your answers.

your own kind 2There is no need to send the completed form anywhere. Merely answer, even in your own head, and the information will be received where it is needed. Thank you for your participation.

2 thoughts on “Taking care of your own kind (a science fiction quiz)

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  2. Fun, turns out I’m from Alpha Centauri … it’s not Sci-Fi but the question is well answered in ‘His Country’ by Thomas Hardy … took me a while to read but you see, I’m not from round here …


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