A slow sunrise in Reykjavik

I love to read and to research, and all my novels have begun by my devouring fact and fiction on subject matters that interest me. I am grateful for the internet sources that helped me write d4. My research included far more sites than would be practical to link to in a novel so I chose a couple dozen that I thought would most enhance the reader’s experience. The first of the links I chose is given below along with enough of an excerpt from the book d4 to provide context. I hope you find this as beautiful as I did.

See a slow sunrise in Reykjavik at panoramio.com/photo/61495573.

Photo by Clavius_Rork
Photo by Clavius_Rork

Chapter 4.

Baldur Hákonarson was the first of the clients to make time to meet Ariel, his new personal support engineer from Ullow. At least Ariel assumed that he had made time, because his executive assistant had sent Eoin a calendar invite for Ariel to present an update to his board of directors a week after she started. Eoin accepted and cc’d Ariel. So that was how this was going to work.

The company bought her a ticket to Reykjavik, and Eoin showed her where to find the last presentation that had been given, and suggested she start editing it immediately. He needed time to review and approve it before she left. Ariel poked around the specs in the contract and made a few cursory visits to the tech people before she began to carefully craft her message of progress. It was lucky that delivering technical content in an understandable format was something she did well.

A week later she arrived in Reykjavik at 10 a.m. to a night sky adorned with a faint glimmer of dull grey light in the south. She was met by a limo driver, and by 11 a.m. she was setting up her presentation in front of three very well dressed older businessmen and one older woman in a suit that showed her to be of equal stature. The small boardroom was on the top floor of an extremely modern office building, and a beautiful, slow, low-angle sunrise was now erupting through the glass windows off to the south.